Ontario One Call Annual and Special Members’ Meeting –  Voting Results

Today, September 21st, 2023, the organization held its Annual and Special Members’ Meeting (ASMM) starting at 9 a.m. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Voter turnout at this year’s ASMM was one of the largest in the history of Ontario One Call (OOC).

  • Members cast 128 total votes (Proxies and Digital Ballots combined)
  • Votes cast in all categories of Members outpaced last year’s total votes.

All motions before the Membership were supported. The details are below.

We thank all Members and stakeholders who took the time to vote either by proxy or in person. We also thank a large number of stakeholders for joining the ASMM meeting today. A recording of the meeting can be found here.

Highlights of the Meeting

OOC’s Chair Dean Dalpe thanked Members for their locate performance improvement in the last year. More projects are starting on time this year than last. He spoke of the important governance and organizational achievements of One Call throughout 2022 and the transformation OOC is going through to become a Public Safety Administrative Authority. He thanked the outgoing Members of the Board for their dedication and service to the organization.

OOC’s President and CEO Jim Keech provided insights on the business plan of the organization, the investment priorities, the 3-Year Financial Plan, and the proposed changes to by-laws and fees that were before the Members for decision at this meeting. Jim also highlighted the importance of partnership and collaboration across the industry.

Thank you to the Provincial Government – Both the Board Chair and the CEO extended a special thank you to the Government for their commitment to invest in the organization and to the ministry staff for their guidance and partnership this past year.

“We greatly appreciate the support of the Members as we take on key initiatives that will deliver more efficient processes, timelier locates and continued safe excavation in the province of Ontario.” added CEO Jim Keech.

Summary of Voting Results

Members voted in favour of the recommendation of the Board to update By-Law 1 and its Schedule which captures modernization initiatives, regulatory updates, Board composition changes and new Director requirements.

Members voted in favour of the proposed slate of Directors.

Members voted in favour of the appointment of Goldson & Associates CPA Professional Corporation as the organization’s Auditors for the 2023 fiscal year.

Members voted in favour of the recommendation of the Board to update By-Law 2 which provides the Board with the ability to set Members Fees with ministry oversight.

Members voted in favour of the recommendation of the Board to increase Members’ fees for each of the next 3 years.

Voting Process

According to OOC’s By-law 3, each Member of OOC was entitled to one vote for each of the five items up for approval at this Annual and Special Members’ meeting.  Members had the ability to provide a proxy form 48 hours before the Annual Meeting or could register for the meeting and vote by ballot.  Each delegated senior leader who registered to vote by ballot received a link to their electronic ballot and they were able to vote until 11:30 am this morning. 

Weighted voting – Each of the five subcategories of Members (Electrical, Gas/Pipeline, Municipal, Telecom and Cable, and Other) has 20 votes to be allocated on a pro-rated basis based on each sector’s voting. The result of the tabulation from each of the five Member subcategories decided the matters being voted upon (for example, By-laws need 51 yes votes out of 100 to be approved, and fees need 66.7 yes votes out of 100 to be approved).

Voting results are deemed final.

We thank all Members and stakeholders for their continuous support. The results of this Meeting will allow OOC to make the necessary improvements to fulfill our mandate and partner with the industry to build a stronger Ontario faster.