Know R!sk

Know R!sk

Know the Risk. Avoid the Risk

Learn about the role you play, the impact you have, and the tools you can use to keep Ontario safe.

Know Risk is an in-depth scenario-based training that promotes safety, compliance, improved locate delivery performance, and the fostering of partnerships between all industry players. This course creates an understanding of the consequences of risky behaviour and provides tools on how to avoid them to make you, your co-workers, and your community safer.

What are the Benefits to Taking Know R!SK?

Keep communities safe

Avoiding risky behaviours will help protect your crew, your communities, and prevent damage to infrastructure.

Stay Compliant!

Be in the know about legislation and regulations.

Tailored modules

KnowR!sk contains modules specifically designed for Underground Infrastructure Owners and Excavators.

Learn at your own pace

KnowR!sk is an interactive self-guided online course available 24/7.

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Training Program Details

What topics does the program cover?

There are ten interactive modules covering various topics for both excavators and underground infrastructure owners. Excavators and underground infrastructure owners can choose between the modules to learn about safety matters that mean the most to them, including:

  • Laws and regulations to dig safely.
  • Getting a locate is the safest thing to do.
  • Precise and concise locates to avoid dangerous situations.
  • When and how to submit locates.
  • How to review a locate package to protect workers.
  • Updating 360 feedback to reduce everyone’s risk.
  • The importance of up-to-date and accurate information.
  • You can’t rush safety. In-depth look at the Bloor Street West explosion and aftermath.
  • And so much more

Know R!sk Questions

Who Should Take This Training Program?

If you work for a company that excavates, a company that owns or operates underground infrastructure, or a company that provide locates this training program is for you.

How Long Does The Training Program Take?

The estimated learning time is 2 hours. Learn on your own time, at your own pace.

Is There A Certificate of Achievement?

Upon successful completion of this online training program, a certificate of achievement will be available for download and printing. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the training program completion date.

How/Where Is The Training Program Offered?

KNOW R!SK is a self-guided online training program available 24/7. The training program is run through Coursettra learning management software.

Support and Troubleshooting

For support and troubleshooting, please contact our Education and Training Department at