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Infrastructure Owners (Members)

Infrastructure Owners (Members)

This section includes resources specifically intended for Infrastructure Owners (Members) participating in Dedicated Locator.

Ontario One Call will provide a Dedicated Locator Project Notice to Members affected within a DL Project area. As per the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification Systems Act 2012, the Member has 10 business days to enter into an agreement for the use of a Dedicated Locate Service Provider (DLSP) and provide mapping and any other standards that the DLSP considers necessary to complete valid locates for the project.

Ontario One Call hosts regular Q&A webinars to go through the new legal concept of Dedicated Locator model, requirements, agreements and processes Members can share together within the group. If you wish to be a part of the Members Q&A webinars, please contact us at DL@OntarioOneCall.ca.

Best Practices

Please review the Underground Infrastructure Owner Dedicated Locator Best Practices to learn more Dedicated Locator projects.

Searching for Dedicated Locator Requests

Please consult this how-to guide to learn how to use the reverse look-up method of searching for DL Locate Requests in the web portal.