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If you are excavating a new building, repairing buried infrastructure, landscaping, residential paving, building concrete slabs, or anything else that requires you to break ground, you must contact Ontario One Call. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s the law.


Get The Dirt On All Digs

Contacting Ontario One Call will help protect your project from unnecessary damages, injuries, and administrative penalties. We notify buried infrastructure owners that you are excavating. Once notified, all buried infrastructure owners notified on the locate request will locate the cables, pipes and wires they own or let you know their infrastructure is not at risk and are clear to dig. Requesting a locate is free and it’s the law.

Request A Utility Locate

Complete Locate Package

A complete locate package is an essential document to be kept at an excavation site. It contains important safety information that will help protect your crew. It includes a confirmation page, the responses from the buried infrastructure owners notified, and any other relevant information (emergency contacts if buried cables/pipes are found and were not on the locates, specific safety protocols, company Best Practices).

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Learning Centre

Find out how to better manage your locates and perform more accurate locate requests through the Professional Locate Administrator Course (PLAC) and recognize and understand risky behaviours with Know R!sk.

Resources & FAQ

Use the available resources to assist in damage prevention and to stay informed with industry information.

Complaint Process

If you have reasonable cause to believe there has been non-compliance with the Act, its regulations or the By-laws of Ontario One Call, you can submit a complaint.

Is There An Unknown Danger Clogging Your Sewer?

Some underground natural gas pipes may have been unintentionally installed through sewer pipes. Although this is rare, recognize the danger and ensure there are no conflicts with underground gas lines. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s safe.