New Regulatory Proposal

A statement by the CEO of Ontario One Call, Jim Keech re.:  Proposed regulatory changes to locate definitions and timelines

Ontario One Call and the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery continue to look for ways to improve the process of facilitating timely locates as Ontario safely builds the province’s infrastructure faster.

As a Public Safety Administrative Authority (PSAA), Ontario One Call works to better educate the public and stakeholders on safe digging practices and reminds both of their obligations. As a service provider, One Call is the communications link between those wanting to dig and underground infrastructure owners who are required to provide locates.

In June 2023, the ministry and Ontario One Call consulted with industry stakeholders and received feedback on the issue of locate timeframes connected to large projects. As a result, the ministry has posted the summary of a regulatory proposal on the Regulatory Registry for stakeholder review and feedback. You can view it here. If approved, the regulatory proposal will take effect on May 1st, 2024.

We encourage you to review the summary of the regulatory proposal and provide your written feedback via the Regulatory RegistryFeedback is due by November 17, 2023.

Ontario One Call strives to promote safe excavation and facilitate timely locates. We are working closely with Government and industry stakeholders to become a modern public safety administrative authority.

As always, we are happy to support you. If you have any questions or feedback related to Ontario One Call, please send them via Feedback for the regulatory proposal must be done through the Regulation Registry.

We look forward to working with you in an ever-evolving safe excavation sector and will work with you to implement any changes resulting from this proposal.