Compliance and Industry Performance

Ontario One Call administers and enforces the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012, related regulations, and By-Laws to promote safe digging and the timely delivery of locates by underground infrastructure owners in the province of Ontario.

Compliance and Industry Performance

Possible Contraventions

The following Compliance Contraventions are within our jurisdiction. View a list and explanation of Compliance Contraventions (PDF).

Late Locates

Late Emergency Locate Response

Locate Validity Period

False Renegotiated Date

Deficient Clearance

Locate Abuse

Digging Without A Locate

Compliance Action

Ontario One Call’s Compliance and Industry Performance Team (CAIP) can use multiple tools to obtain compliance including, but not limited to, written warnings, compliance education, communicating for compliance, prosecution, and Administrative Penalties.

The CAIP team can take action against alleged offending parties by using data that is self-reported into the Ontario One Call’s system, through investigations, or generated by a complaint.

Administrative Penalties

The administrative penalty regulation will take effect on May 1st, 2024. It will give Ontario One Call the ability to use administrative penalties as a new compliance tool to support industry locate performance improvement. Click here to review the Administrative Penalties Policy.  Click here to review the regulation.

Dispute and Appeals Process

If you or your company have been part of compliance action you have the right to dispute or appeal. To understand the Dispute and Appeals process and the timelines involved please read our Dispute and Appeals Policy.

How To Be Compliant

Each party using the Ontario One Call system has requirements and rules
they have to follow to stay compliant with the law.

An Infrastructure Owner (Member) is a person or entity that owns or operates buried infrastructure that crosses, or is in the vicinity of the public right of way, including but not limited to Municipalities and Utility companies.

The basic requirement for an Infrastructure Owner is to be part of the One Call system, provide accurate information about their underground infrastructure – so they can be properly notified – and provide a locate response (marks on the ground and paperwork, or state in writing that their infrastructure will not be affected by the dig) within the legislated time.

When notified of a standard locate request, Infrastructure Owners are required to complete their locate within 5 business days and update Ontario One Call’s 360 Feedback system within 3 business days of completing their locate.

Infrastructure Owners have other requirements they must follow.
To find out more information please review the following:

An excavator is any individual – contractor, homeowner, renter – who digs, moves, or breaks ground.

Excavators are required to:

  • Only request locates if the intended dig will happen within the next 30 calendar days
  • Ensure a locate request has been submitted 
  • Wait until all Members notified have provided their locates
  • Confirm the paperwork provided by the Member does not conflict with the markings on the ground
  • Make sure locates are valid – not expired
  • Dig safely. An excavator shall not dig in a manner where they reasonably ought to know would damage or interfere with any underground infrastructure

Homeowners and renters, it is best for the person/company doing the digging to request locates. So, if you are hiring a contractor, it is best if they request the locates.