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Public Utility Locate Service

There is buried infrastructure all over Ontario. You must contact Ontario One Call to get buried cables, pipes, and wires located so you can dig safely.

Ontario One Call is a public safety administrative authority and the communication link between those wanting to dig and buried infrastructure owners who are required to provide locates.

Ontario One Call does not physically mark the lines, pipes, or cables. We relay the dig information to the buried infrastructure owners so they can mark (locate) based on the request you submit.

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Damaging underground infrastructure is dangerous. Hitting wires, pipes or cables can cause serious injuries and carry hefty financial consequences.

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If you are a homeowner looking for information on requesting public utility locates before you dig, find out more.

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Excavators, be safe and know what’s below.  Find details on how-to videos, resources, educational courses and more.

Infrastructure Owner Area

Find valuable resources like 360 Feedback, maps on the web, learning centre, and Marketing and Education toolkits.

When you see red and orange flags and/or paint, what does it mean?

When someone is planning to dig, Infrastructure Owners must provide locate responses for the infrastructure they own.  Unless an infrastructure owner provides a clearance, locates come with field markings, usually flags and/or paint. These field markings come in different colours, as seen below, to help identify which utility type is buried under the ground in that location.  














Temporary Survey Markings


Proposed Excavation

Compliance and Industry Performance Updates

Find out more about our compliance process and reports, file a complaint, or get the latest enforcement news.