Regulation Review – Webinar Recording Available

Learn about the new Regulation and how Ontario One will use its new compliance tool.

“What are my responsibilities under the new regulation?” Webinar
Presentation deck and recording are now available

Dear Stakeholder,

Thank you for participating in the Ontario One Call’s Regulation and Administrative Penalty Review Webinar. We hope we were able to clarify our approach and how we intend to collaborate with you as we transition from service provider to regulator.

If you were not able to participate or if you would like to review the content of the webinar, you can find the presentation deck and the recording here. We are currently working on an FAQ document that will be distributed to the industry in an effort to address any recurrent questions related to the implementation of the new regulation.

Webinar Top Line Takeaways
– Ontario One Call will collaborate with stakeholders to encourage safe digging, reduce late locates, reduce ticket dumping, and reduce digging without locates to ensure construction projects in Ontario can progress smoothly
– Ontario One Call’s approach is to support the industry and provide the tools stakeholders need to improve their own locate performance
– Administrative penalties are a new tool that could be used to address consistent poor performance or address unsafe excavation practices
– Clean start on April 1st: As always, your locate performance will be monitored but infractions under the law committed prior to this time will not fall under the new administrative penalty system
– Performance matters: Ontario One Call will take into consideration context, good conduct and effort to improve locate performance

Rules and Policies
During the webinar, we referred to Ontario One Call’s Rules and Policies  as an important tool to inform you about how you can improve your locate performance. These documents are your go-to reference guide on the law, by-laws, and regulations and support our common mission to achieve timely locates and safe excavation. Please take a moment to review them.

Thank you for your contribution in keeping Ontario safe!

The Ontario One Call Team
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