New Timeline for large excavation Projects

What you need to know:

  • UIOs will have 10 business days to complete locates for large excavation projects once notified by Ontario One Call (OOC). Large excavation projects are shown as “Advanced Requests” in our web portal. They are defined as an excavation site comprised of:
    (a) at least two properties or parts of properties, each having its own municipal address, or
    (b)  one or more properties or parts of properties, at least one of which has no municipal address.
  • Excavation sites with more than one civic address or no civic address will have 10 business days, instead of 5 business days, for infrastructure owners and operators to complete their locates.

Stakeholders can access more information via this link.

What are the changes happening at Ontario One Call?

Ontario One Call is making updates to its web portal to integrate this new requirement. These updates include: 

  • Added descriptions and details about expected completion timeframes when submitting requests.
  • Added map validations to ensure the type of request being made is correct (advanced locate request(s) or standard locate request(s)). 
  • Large excavations (classified in the OOC system as ‘Advanced Locate Request(s)’ will have a 10-business day work to begin day default.

Tools and resources provided by Ontario One Call to support stakeholders:

  • Regular communications of these upcoming changes via email and LinkedIn.
  • A series of webinars to provide a platform to share information and answer your questions.
  • Educational programs PLAC & Know R!sk are available to refresh your knowledge on OOC & our regulations.