Members, the law has changed!

Legislation changes
and how they affect Members

The law has changed! Here is an overview of the most significant changes and what you can do to stay compliant.

What you need to know…

1) 60 day validity: Members must have a minimum 60 day validity period for their locates. Section 8 (1)
2)Standard locates timeline: 5 + 3 rule!  Members have 5 business days to complete a standard locate and 3 business days to mark it complete or cleared in 360.OUINS Act Section 6 (3) and Section 14 (1)
3)Dedicated Locator: All Members, except Transmission lines (Section 7 (12)), must participate in Dedicated Locator. OUINS Act Section 7
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4) Notification of delay: If a Member is going to be late in delivering a locate they are required to notify Ontario One Call.  OUINS Act  Section 14 (2)
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5) Change in information after a locate was completed: Provided that a locate is still valid, if a Member becomes aware of any change in information that was provided, they must notify Ontario One Call, the Excavator (if the information was provided for a standard locate), and the Project Owner and Dedicated Locator (if the information was provided for a project involving a Dedicated Locator) within 2 business days. OUINS Act  Section 9 (1)

– To learn more Click here

Learn more about Bill 93 Click Here

Confused about the law? We are here to help you stay compliant!
We are preparing more resources to help you understand your responsibilities under the law. Make sure to check the News section on our website often! 

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