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Excavator Survey Results 2022

Excavator Survey Results

Dear Stakeholders,

In February 2022, Ontario One Call conducted an online survey of over 1,000 excavators. The Excavator survey provided a number of valuable findings that we want to share with all stakeholders.

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Among the key findings:

  • Excavators are saying that 2022 will be a busy year. Last year, 50% of respondents indicated that they would have more work, and locate volumes went up almost 10%. In this year’s survey, 60% of respondents are saying they will have more work, so stakeholders should expect strong demand for locate services.
  • There is support for Excavators wanting to use Dedicated and Self Locator models. Roughly 3/4 of Excavators either agree, or are neutral, with paying for Dedicated Locators and 3/5 of Excavators agree, or are neutral, about having the ability to Self-Locate their projects if their staff are properly trained and certified.
  • Excavators strongly support (83%) a standardized 60 day locate validity period, and over 2/3 of Excavators feel that sharing locates with their subcontractors would greatly improve locate delivery performance.
  • There are mixed views that mandatory white lining (requiring Excavators to pre-mark the excavation area with white paint), and Excavators needing to share detailed information about future projects in advance (3-6 months) would improve the timely delivery and quality of locates.

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