Investing in Dig Safety – 

Government Invests in OOC Transformation plus new By-Laws and Membership Fees Guelph, ON – July 27, 2023 Dear Underground Infrastructure Owner (UIO), As you know, Ontario One Call (OOC) is the organization that acts as a pivot point between excavation project leads and owners of underground infrastructure. At a high level, OOC’s job is to connect

Summer 2023 Consultations

Dear Stakeholders, This is to inform you that the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery and the Minister of Energy jointly signed a letter outlining their intention to consult on potential options that could prohibit fees being charged by members of Ontario One Call for underground infrastructure locates. The letter also confirms that, working in

April is Dig Safe Month

April is Dig Safe Month and we need your help to spread the Click Before You Dig message.  Every person that you reach is one more person that will dig safely.  Simply post our educational images on your social media channels and help your followers be safe this dig season. Here’s how you can help! Download social graphics here, or visit our marketing and educational toolkit  to view

Call for Nominations – Excavator Representatives 

Ontario One Call is seeking two representatives from the excavation sector to serve on the board of directors. The board’s main role is to govern OOC and set its goals. The board must work to ensure OOC has financial sustainability, sound policy development, and proper visioning. Call for Nominations to the Ontario One Call Board

PLAC Price Increase – Last Chance to Save

On April 3, 2023, registration costs for PLAC will increase. Register today to receive 2022 prices. PLAC offers huge benefits to organizations that frequently submit locate requests. Dear Stakeholders, The Professional Locate Administrator Course (PLAC) offers huge benefits to organizations that frequently submit locate requests. It provides in-depth knowledge and training on the submission and management of locates through

Regulation Review – Webinar Recording Available

Learn about the new Regulation and how Ontario One will use its new compliance tool. “What are my responsibilities under the new regulation?” Webinar Presentation deck and recording are now available Dear Stakeholder, Thank you for participating in the Ontario One Call’s Regulation and Administrative Penalty Review Webinar. We hope we were able to clarify

Regulation Approval Notice

The Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD) has approved and finalized the administrative penalty regulation supporting the Act. Regulation Approval Notice Dear Stakeholder, This is to inform you that the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD) has approved and finalized the administrative penalty regulation supporting the Act. The regulation takes effect on April 1st,

Ontario One Call Leadership Announcement

Please read this announcement about Ontario One Call’s President & CEO. Ontario One Call Leadership Announcement  Dear Stakeholder, I am pleased to announce that Jim Keech has accepted the role of Ontario One Call’s President and CEO, effective immediately. Jim was brought on to help guide the organization at a pivotal time in our history. Shaped