Requesting locates is FREE. Other services are subject to a fee as outlined below.

Members’ Fees

At the OOC Annual and Special Members’ Meeting held in September 2023, Underground Infrastructure Owners (the Members) approved a 20% increase in fees beginning in 2024. The Members approved a 20% increase in each of the next three years (2024, 2025 and 2026). Learn more here.

  1. Annual fees: the total 2024 annual OOC members’ fee assessment amount is $11,389,500. Members’ fee assessments are calculated based on system usage (notifications received) and are sent to Members annually. Members that received less than 500 notifications in the past annual period (December 2022 to November 2023) did not receive any annual assessment invoices in 2024. 
  2. Usage fees – billed to members as utilized
  • Phone Call  (typically for emergencies) 
  • Analytical reports   
  • Mapping consulting / GIS assistance* 
  • $6.90 per call
  • $102.00 per hour
  • $102.00 per hour *beyond OOC’s standard member allowance practice of 4 hours

Each Member is required to pay fees monthly to Ontario One Call within 30 calendar days of the date on Ontario One Call’s fee invoice. Interest charges may be applied to any unpaid balance over 30 days. Interest charges are 1.5 % calculated monthly or 19.56% per annum. Review the Penalty and Interest Policy here.

Dedicated Locator Fees

There are two Dedicated Locator fee models. It is at the discretion of Ontario One Call to determine which model will be applied to a Project Owner and its decision on the fee model is final and binding.

1. Regional Notice Fee Model: $15,000.00 + HST per Dedicated Locator Zone

This fee model applies to a Project Owner that is working in the selected Locator Zone(s) as per the Dedicated Locator Regional Zone Map.

2. 90 Day Notice Fee Model: $9,000.00 + HST per Project Area

This fee model applies to a Project Owner that is working on a large-scale project that crosses over multiple Dedicated Locator Zones, but it is nevertheless a single continuous project.

Educational Programs Fees

Professional Locate Administrator Course (PLAC): $124.95. Learn more about PLAC.

KnowR!sk: $89.95. Learn more about KnowR!sk.