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Performance Based Billing

Effective January 2023, annual member fees will be calculated based on performance. Please read the reminder and find out more details about Performance Based Billing.

Performance Based Billing –
Coming into Effect January, 2023

Dear Member,

We would like to remind you that Performance Based Billing, approved by the Membership at the 2020 AGM, is coming into effect in January 2023. Please click here to learn more about how this process works.

Inputting performance data into 360 Feedback is required by law. Plus, entering data accurately and consistently will help to avoid increases in your membership fees.

Members are required to update 360 Feedback completions (Clears and Completed) within 3 business days. This is part of the 5+3 rule (5 business days to complete a standard locate and 3 business days to update 360 Feedback), as per section 6 (3) and 14 (1) of the Act. Please note, our law has recently changed. To see an overview of the most significant changes, please click here.

For any questions or comments, please contact

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