Change Your Links

Change Your Ontario One Call Links

Do you use ON1Call.com on your website, paper bill statements, or marketing materials?   Do you have ON1Call.com bookmarked on your computer?

Switch it to OntarioOneCall.ca now!

Change Now:

On1Call.com will forward to OntarioOneCall.ca for a limited time only. So, please change all bookmarks and/or web links before October 31, 2020.

Change Marketing Materials:

Our marketing efforts are better when we all communicate the same message. If you, or your team, are creating any marketing materials (for example, brochures, bill inserts, postcards, videos, and/or social media posts), please change Ontario One Call’s website to OntarioOneCall.ca.

You can also find free Ontario One Call marketing materials available at OntarioOneCall.ca/resources/

Marketing Materials Available Here