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Dedicated Locator

Dedicated Locator

A dedicated locator (hired third party who locates all underground infrastructure on a project) and self-locator (a dedicated locator that is an employee of a contractor) is a way for construction projects to have continual delivery of locates when and where they are needed. Contractors and Infrastructure owners are seeing the benefits and more projects are being pushed to the dedicated locator model. 

The dedicated locator model keeps construction projects on time and helps reduce the mismanagement of locate requests in the system (duplicate locate requests, locate dumping, over notification, etc.). Companies that use dedicated locators also tend to forecast better and engage the locate service provider earlier in the planning process to ensure they have the required staff.

It is recommended that the infrastructure owners build a dedicated locator model into their construction plans at the outset. Much like Subsurface Utility Engineering, this is a time-and-money saver best organized by the project owner

What is a Dedicated Locator?

• A Dedicated Locator is a locator that is committed to a specific project.
• Using a Dedicated Locator for a project allows the project to have devoted staff whose job it is to ensure locates (including relocates/remarks, if needed) are completed when and where the Excavator needs them.

Benefits of a Dedicated Locator:

• Improves productivity.
• Reduces downtime as the locates are completed under the direction of the Excavator.
• Promotes damage prevention and safer excavation practices.
• More control – get locates when, where, and as often as your project requires.
• It provides flexibility when unidentified conflicts require project changes.
• It frees up the regular pool of public locate service providers to complete standard locate requests for homeowners and less complex requests.

How do I set up a Dedicated Locator for my project?

• A Dedicated Locator must be certified through each Utility and/or Municipality with infrastructure in your project area. Depending on the region, there might already be a certified pool of dedicated locators ready to be hired. Alternatively, you may need to work with the Utilities/Municipalities to get someone certified and trained.
• Once you have a Dedicated Locator established the Utilities/Municipalities will need to reach out to Ontario One Call to set-up the profile.
• Once everything is set-up you can make locate requests through Ontario One Call, and your Dedicated Locator will receive the notification in order for them to provide the service.

Who Pays for Dedicated Locator?

• The Infrastructure owner (project proponent) or the contractor is responsible to pay the Dedicated Locator/Locate Service Provider directly.
• Prices could vary, and it will be based on the arrangements made with the Dedicated Locator.

What is a Self Locator?

  • A self-locator is a dedicated locator who is an employee of the excavation company.
  • Like a dedicated locator, a self-locator would need to be certified to locate all utilities.
  • Qualifications, including training, certification, and other business requirements, would have to be made through each utility and municipality.

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