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Ontario One Call – Web Portal Changes – Additional Mapping Tools

Attention Users

Changes to the Web Portal – Additional Mapping Tools

Effective March 28, 2019, Ontario One Call will be introducing new tools to the map selection created within the Locate Request on the Web Portal.

What is changing?

The following tools will be added to the aerial image in the Web Portal Locate Request

  1. Civic Layer 

A new civic layer will be introduced to the aerial image within the web portal, which shows the civic numbers over the property to which the civic number is registered.

This adds a new layer of visibility and navigation to help excavators find their dig location when it is associated to a civic address.

Please note: This feature is to be used a reference only, some areas may have varying accuracy.  If you are unsure, use other sources to find your dig location appropriately.

An example of the civic layer at 104 Cooper Drive, Guelph